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Is Finding The V2 E Cig Juice V2 E Cig Juice

If you want the mack daddy” of all Starter kits, the V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit, choose V2. By using the V2 Cigarettes coupon, it may conserve you tiny bit with an instant 12 % away on any range of V2 stock. V2 composes that their non reusable e cigs have actually come a long method given that they wased initially established. While V2 Cigarettes e-liquid is a mix of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which is expected to give a great throat hit like great vapor to the users. A few months ago Spinfuel released an article called FRAUD ALERT: Regal Cigs is another PRADA Cigs. The question e cigarette customers are asking is whether Vapor Couture from VMR, who likewise makes V2 Cigs is a functional e cigarette orfashionable.   VapeZone Buy : V2 Cigs V2 Cigs EU V2 Cigs CZ Vapor Couture… Although NJOY was among the first e-cigarette brands, the V2 Cigarettes is. The NJOY e-cigarette is manufactured under license in China by an American. There are two prospective differences in between e cigarettes for ladies and e cigarettes for men. V2 cigarettes assessment likewise talks relating to the strengths that someone has when utilizing the usage of them. The Storm V2 is very well machined, the deck and it’s terminals are set effectively, and simple to work with. Much like standard tobacco cigarettes, V2 Smokeless cigarettes are not accepted by the American FDA. For the genuine feeling of smoking cigarettes without any negative effects, you need to choose best e cigs readily available in the market due to the fact that it is directly associated to our health. Advantages of V2 smoking cigarettes products that it is not a concern of if however when. V2 Cigs states that each of their cartridges supply approximately the same number of puffs as a traditional pack of tobacco cigarettes. V2 Cigarettes Cartridges hold enough e-liquid to produce in between 150 to 220 puffs. The V2 Red flavor truly stands out to us when you look at tobacco flavors. V2 also wins in the unique flavor classification, so if you like flavors like Mint Tea, you’ll most likely want to gravitate to V2. V2 Cigarettes will launch the Pro Series 7 in the autumn of 2014 and Series 9 in January of 2015. If you absolutely need to have a cig-a-like” I can advise either the V2 Cigs kit, the Purecigs starter kit, or the Smoketip kit.

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What is Throat Hit?

composed by: Meghalee ‘Throat Struck’ is a term gettinged to explain the experience felt at the back of your throat when you inhale or take a puff of your electric cigarette. It could cause some quantity of irritation or discomfort at first, particularly if you are a new user. Nevertheless, when it comes to time one could get gettinged to the sensation, and also most experienced users like this moderate feeling. If you are a new individual, it is much better if you take a while out to find out about various terms connected with vapor cigarettes like e-liquids, vegetable glycerine, e-juices and propylene glycol to acquire the most effective experience. These components accountable for creating a pleasurable experience and establish exactly how reliable the vapor cigarette is. For instance, e-liquids which include a very reduced level of nicotine concentration may provide you no throat hit at all. That is why you need to investigate the various elements that make your vapor cigarettes, which could vary from brand to brand name. Here are a few aspects we must find out about when we get our e-cigarettes to make sure that we acquire the most effective throat hit experience: Pure nicotine Focus and also Throat Attacked: Just before you purchase a vapor cigarette, figure out the level of nicotine attention in the e-liquids to recognize if you will certainly experience the necessary throat hit, relying on your personal preferences. Below are the typical nicotine attention levels: -8 mg as well as above: This is usually the most affordable attention degree and also is excellent for novices. If you are made use of to this degree, you will obtain the ideal throat hit, yet do not go less than this or you will certainly not experience anything at all. -16 milligrams as well as above: If 8 milligrams is does not provide you with the needed throat hit, you will certainly need a higher attention. It is a lot better not jump to greater levels quickly after 8 milligrams therefore the next finest choice will certainly be to opt for 16 milligrams. This need to be sufficient to satisfy you as well as give you the throat hit you are craving for. -24 mg and also over: This is mainly the highest degree of focus of pure nicotine in e-liquids and is usually recommended for people who weigh smokers. Considering that they are so utilized to smoking normal cigarettes, they will certainly call for an e cigarette with a pure nicotine degree of a minimum of 24 mg to really feel a throat hit. Factors Identifying Throat Struck: The quality of throat hit depends on numerous elements and also it is more effectively to discover regarding them to ensure that you could have an excellent encounter smoking cigarettes your electric cigarettes. Below are the factors that accountable for affecting the top quality of a throat hit: High quality of E-Liquid: Read reviews and also the labels very carefully to buy your e-liquids […]

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Thank you for stopping by to visit Electronic Cigarette Brands.

We know you will enjoy all the vast information on our site about Electronic Cigarette Brands.

Our goal is to provide you with general information about e-cigs, better known as electronic cigarettes, as well as thorough, comprehensive reviews of the best brands on the market today.

The market for e-cigs is growing and with that growth, unfortunately, there are companies out there that try to take advantage of consumers, especially those new to e-cigs.Sad to say, some of the companies are just not reputable and want to take advantage of consumers who do not know that much about e-cig.

One of the biggest concerns that we hear about, time and time again, is that the price advertised is very misleading.

Here at Electronic Cigarette Brands, we want to educate you and help you to make the best choice so that you can obtain the most value for you hard earned money.

I've been an avid e-cigarette user for over 5 years now.Before that, I, like many current e-cig users, smoked regular tobacco cigarettes.I've tried so many brands, some that were great and some not-so-great that I decided to start to review them.

I began doing e-cig reviews approximately 2 years ago.My hope is that all of the legwork I've done,a nd the countless hours I have dedicated to researching e-cig and finding the best brand, will be useful in helping people to make the best choice when selecting an electronic cigarette brand.

Some people want to stop smoking “regular' cigarettes because of real or perceived health risks and, for others, they just want to be able to smoke anywhere.

I can't tell you how many people have told me that they are sick of being banished outdoors to enjoy their smoke and really hate that they can't light up after a meal, and in some states, even a bar so they want to switch to e-cigs but don't really don;t know where to start, Fortunately, I know firsthand just how difficult it can be to make a choice with so much information thrown at you.

So where do you begin?At Electronic Cigarette Brands, there is a lot of research and effort that goes into the reviews of Electronic Cigarette Brands.

We do this so that you do not have spend hours researching the differences in the most common brands.

For our quest to find the best Electronic Cigarette Brand on the market today, we have taken into account numerous factors to determine our top pick for the best Electronic Cigarette brand.

How we compare Electronic Cigarette Brands

When comparing the Electronic Cigarette Brands, there is much more to take into account than just the price of the actual cigarette and you, the consumer, might be misled and very confused.

What do the starter kits include?Is the battery life adequate?How much vapor is produced?

And, most importantly what types of flavors are available?Those of some of the questions you might ask, or should ask and those are the questions that we will provide information on and much, much more.

We also factor in the availability of optional accessories for your E-cigs investment, because it is an investment of sort, and we will also help you to compare the value of the starter kits and rate the customer service provided.

These factors will help ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

And the winner is …... .


We know that some of you may want us to get to the point so we are going to tell you that out of all the Electronic Brands that we reviewed, there was one brand that stood out in EVERY aspect.

The brand slected stood out head and shoulder above the rest.

That brand was V2 Cigs.

Some of the other Electronic Cigarette Brands we tested had some very good features, however all-in-all, none of the brand that we compared came even close to V2 cigs.

When you factor in all the criteria is detailed below, the overall price for V2 is the best value.


Before we go into all the intricate details of what made V2 stand out so much, I'd like to tell you about my visit to their headquarters to illustrate why I was so impressed with this company.I was away for the weekend in sunny Miami and I decided, at the spur of the moment, to stop by their warehouse, completely unannounced, so that I could see their operation for myself.

I wasn't sure if I would even get in but I decided to try.

At V2 Headquarters, everyone I encountered was totally gracious and offered to give me the grand tour, an invitation I eagerly accepted.

Their COO actually took the time to meet with me and spent a few minutes telling me about some of their upcoming, exciting future plans.He then arranged some time for me to spend one-on-one with one of their designers who even showed me the new package V2 is working on.

It is called Vapor Couture, which is a new e-cig currently in development.For this venture, they have formed a partnership with company that sells Zig-Zags.

Being in that warehouse really impressed me and I felt like I was being given a sneak peak at the newest and emerging e-cig technology.And I was.

If I had to make a comparison, I'd say that the V2 relationship to e-cig is like what Apple is to iPhones, Seriously, they own it!

This is one company that is not simply slapping their name on products, like batteries and cartridges, that they get from China, where items are mass produced and simply not up to USA standards.

From their quality testing lab to their continual research and development, I knew I was seeing a first class operation and it's no surprise why they are largest online retailer of electronic cigarettes.

As I may have mentioned earlier, I started smoking e-cigs about five years ago.About a year ago, I began smoking V2's. .

Before that I spent 4 years trying so many different kinds, and while there were some that were good, none have measured up to my experience with V2.

In my opinion, there is only one top spot and that spot belongs to V2.

I'm definitely a convert.

Read on for more in-depth detail of why we chose V2 as the best out of all the Electronic Cigarette Brands we compared and to find out more information about V2 and the other more popular brands

Why we chose V2?

Although a number of other Electronic Cigarette Brands fared fairly well in certain categories, none came close to our top all around E-cig winner, V2.

Listed below is the detail of what set V2 leaps and bounds ahead of all the other brands.

Starter Kits Rating 5/5

Starter kits are the backbone of your E-Cigs purchase ad you want to make sure that you get the best value.

With the V2 starter package, I was very impressed because they included THREE batteries in their starter kit, which is almost unheard of.

Another factor in selecting V2 were the choices of starter kits.

The various starter kits cater to just about anyone's budget.The beginner kit is a great value for those on a tight budget and, at a very affordable $34.95, it won't break the bank.

Their Ultimate Kit, priced at $169.95, includes all features of the starter kit plus much more and is a great choice for the serious e-cig connoisseur.

You also get your choice of colors.

For me, when I purchased my kit, I selected, blue, silver and a super sleek, very classy back one.

The starter kit arrives very attractively packaged and, as tempting as it is, you will want to eagerly tear into it and get down to smoking, however, you may want to follow along with the manual, especially if you are new to e-cigarettes.

Batteries and Battery Life Rating 5/5

Batteries are a huge factor in considering which e-cig to select and our winner, V2, offered numerous choices, Some may opt for the standard battery size that is included in the V2 starter kit but I chose the extra long (XL) battery size.At 380maH, it is more than double of just about every brands “mini” style e-cigs.

Very impressive!

The batteries that V2 sells undergo rigorous testing, at their headquarters in the US, and they stand behind their product by offering a lifetime warranty on all of their batteries.

That's how confident they are in the quality of their product.

Another important factor to consider is the availability, of lack thereof, of manual batteries.Manual batteries allow you a great deal of control.Many people find that manual batteries can be more satisfying because of the thicker vapor produced.

It's called manual because you control the action and activate it by pushing and holding down the button to “pre-heat” the element.Some people even like to hold the button down for the entire duration while they are taking a drag and say that it is the BEST experience.

Those new to e-cigs might just like to set it and forget it and those users will probably be just fine with automatic, however, experienced and more discriminating e-cig users will want the availability of manual batteries, and, again V2 came in tops in both of the battery related criteria.

I highly recommend manual batteries to heighten the e-cig experience.

Vapor Production Rating 5/5

Vapor production is something that we at Electronic Cigarette Brands take very seriously.Small amounts of vapor production equates to a very nasty tasting e-cig.

V2 produces robust amounts of vapor resulting in a very pleasant, full-bodied, satisfying taste.Although you are smoking an e-cig, you want to feel and taste it and V2 is TOPS in that area.

E-Cig flavors Rating 5/5

If your like me, flavor rates very high and once again, V2 is the clear cut winner, by a landslide.

You will certainly want to take into account how long the flavor cartridges last.

In the case of V2 the answer is a long, long time.

V2 an excellent selection of flavors that are too numerous to list here but there are 10 great flavors.Coffee, cherry and vanilla seem to be wildly popular and really taste great.

If you prefer a more traditional tobacco flavor, then the Red and Sahara flavors are for you.

The combination of just the right amount of vapor production coupled with all the flavor choices offered by V2 makes it a winning combination.

Trust me, you won't believe you are not smoking a “regular” cigarette.

Accessories for e-cigs Rating 5/5

Who doesn't want accessories?If you have made the switch to e-Cigs, you know what I am talking about and if you are new to e-cigs, you will certainly want some.

Out of the brands that we compared, V2, not surprisingly, had the most varied available of accessories including lanyards and e-cig cases.They even have USB, yes USB electronic cigarettes.

Customer Service Rating 5/5

The criteria we used for rating the various Electronic Cigarette Brands customer service are how long it takes to receive your order and product availability.

V2 led the pack in this area with quick shipping times and a great selection of products in stock.

How other brands compared

Although V2 was our best E-Cig, there are some honorable mentions that are listed below.

Smokeless Image.Last year, Smokeless Image was our top pick.

This year they fell to the number two spot, right behind V2.Their e-cigs do feature great vapor production as well as a very good battery life, however, it was not enough to claim the top spot this year.

SmokeStik.This brand is very popular with “Hollywood Types”.

Leonardo Di Caprio and Katherine Heigl, to name a few, are among the superstars known to favor SmokeStik.They are a quality brand and the main drawback is they also have a Hollywood price tag.

I must say that I was pleased to see that there are a number of other good e-cigs out there, however, there was only one top spot and that spot clearly belongs to V2.

To review our current e-cig brand comparison rates, simply click on the listing of your choice and your will be able to see our comprehensive review.

We tell you who the companies are (or aren't) and provide detailed information to help you make the best e-cigs purchasing decision.


As you can see by the all the criteria judged V2 cigs outpaced all of the competition in every single area and provides you with the most “tobacco-like” smoking experience.

If you have decided that V2 is the brand for you, we have some great news for you.If you enter the code EKITS, you will save a whopping 10% on your purchase.

Simply enter the code (EKITS) w checking out on their site.

Don't to bookmark this page and visit Electronic Cigarette brands regularly since we strive to keep our information up-to-date and can inform you about any new and improved e-cig developments.

Thank you for visiting Electronic Cigarette Brands.


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