Have I posted a pic of my vapo (e-cig) yet?
The lighter is just there for scale reference, btw.

So, there’s my case. On the right is my usual – a version of the Joye
eGo. You’ll notice it nicely matches the case 🙂 This is a usb
passthrough model, so, I never really re-charge the battery – you plug
it into a usb cable and can keep vaping, plus it regulates the voltage
so it’s even a different experience, so, it’s like 2 devices in one.
This is what I use most – it has a 2 ohm cartomizer in it with
unflavored 100% VG liquid I make myself, about 12mg of nicotine, which
is what I prefer as my "all day vape".
Btw, we even have usb cables all over the house (our phone chargers
and such, plus one or two bought just for plugged-in vaping) and it
seems most things have usb ports now (both the ps3 in the living room
and the ps2 in her room do) so it’s so much easier than dealing with a
specific-use battery charging unit.

To the left of that is a Joye auto 510, no button to press, you just
inhale. It has a matching black 3 ohm cartomizer on it and I usually
have something sweet in it like bubble gum or cotton candy and it’s
often clenched between my teeth while I’m cooking or whatever. The
battery doesn’t last a long as the big eGo and the vapor production
isn’t as impressive, but I still love it for certain times.
It is usually broken down into its two parts (battery, cartomizer with
mouthpiece) and inside the case.

And, standing, is the vaporizer I started on, given to me by a friend.
It is an eGo, not the passthrough variety, so it lasts 4-6 hours if I
use it constantly and then has to charge. I mostly use it for direct
dripping after meals or with coffee for more throat hit, richer
flavor, etc. so it can go days without needing to charge it. I call
it "my alter eGo". It, too, is usually inside the case. In this pic,
it has a metal "drip tip" on it, with a 510 atomizer inside the cone

Also inside the case is an extra part or two, a couple little 3ml
bottles of liquid, and a couple clip-on magnets that attach to the
battery so I can just stick it to anything around me that’s metal.
When I break down the other two vapos, all I walk out of the house
with is my black usb eGo and the case. Theoretically, I’d be set for
days if need be or be able to let someone try one since it usually has
two complete vaporizers in it.

I haven’t smoked in what must be almost three months now after 20+
years of smoking. I haven’t intentionally quit, but vaping has been
so satisfying I just still haven’t gotten around to ordering more
smokes. (For years I have only smoked kreteks (clove cigarettes),
shipped to me from Indonesia as I can’t stand the made-for-Americans
variety and they’re illegal now anyway, thanks to Obama.)
I do like that I don’t cough anymore or wake up with that tight-chest
feeling, I have a much more heightened sense of taste and smell, I can
vape indoors as the vapor dissapates rapidly and doesn’t settle into
anything. It is much more convenient, much MUCH healthier, and the
whole thing costs much less than buying cigarettes did.

So, nothing but good has come from being introduced to this.

Let me throw in a warning.
If you want to try vaping, DO NOT buy the ones at the mall or
wherever. They are the cheapest models available sold at the highest
price possible. This warning also applies to Blu and most of the other popularly-advertised on the web and such brands.
An eGo battery costs $20-$25, $10 for a 5-pack of cartomizers, and $20
of liquid will last a new "vaper" weeks. The hardware will last you
months. The eGo isn’t necessarily the best one to start on – I’m just
giving an example.
If you want to find useful, reliable information, start by doing some
reading at e-cigarette-forum.com and (not or!) feel free to
contact me. All my contact info is on my site, listed below.

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By insidious_plots on 2011-02-02 11:33:10

composed by: Meghalee

E-cigarettes have actually come to be progressively preferred over the work few years, due to the fact that of which we have several old-fashioned shops marketing various brand names of smokeless cigarettes. It is no much longer the exclusive domain of websites and one need not go online or hunt for members to buy them. The truth that they are so quickly available in basic establishments shows that a growing number of individuals are choosing e cigarettes than nicotine ones. Actually, baseding on the Associated Press, around 2.5 million Americans are making use of e-cigarette products all across the nation. Although on the internet establishments supply a much bigger choice of brands, vapers can now conveniently go to any of these popular stores to obtain their favored e-cigs. Here are a few of them:

1) Wal-Mart: Wal-Mart started to offer e-cigarette products from April 2012, which is rather late compared with various other shops in the country. Right here you will certainly find simply a restricted variety of brands and packages, and also the cost will be greater compared to those offered by on-line establishments. They do not have the Costs Kit and typically bring only the Express Package, that includes a battery, USB battery charger and a refill cartridge. If you really want extra accessories or tools when it comes to cutting-edge modern technology, on-line establishments are a much better choice considering that of the wide range of options offered by them. However in outlet store like Wal-Mart, you have the selection of buying an e-cigarette whenever you really feel like and also do not have to go via the process of buying it online, paying the shipping fees and after that awaiting shipping.

2) Walgreens: Walgreens stores are established up at practically every area in major cities in America. One of the most recognizable brand name offered by them is the Blu E-Cigarette. Vapers could buy the disposable versions, besides some starter packages, at budget friendly costs. However it is far better to acquire a correct starter package, and also not a disposable one due to the fact that you can not reuse these components and will certainly wind up saving more in the lasting if you purchase a full set. You could additionally want to keep in mind the price of the refills when you are buying vapor cigarettes from general establishments. In order to getting the ideal worth for money, on-line shops are still the most effective choice.

3) CVS as well as Long’s Medications: CURRICULA VITAE and Long’s Medicines establishments started marketing e-cigarettes means back in 2009 and till 2011, they gettinged to sell a brand called NJOY. Something to keep in mind is that although vapor cigarette products are marketed as a choice to nicotine cigarettes and also not as cessation gadgets, they are positioned in the smoking cessation location of these establishments. Actually, the FDA is really clear on its stand on e-cigarettes as just a replacement for traditional cigarettes and that they have to not be advertised as cigarette smoking cessation tools. CVS might requirement to transform its advertising and marketing method to adjust when it comes to this regulation or threat acquiring sanctioned by the FDA.

4) 7-Eleven: This is one of one of the most prominent corner store, as well as although the products sold there are priced relatively greater, their e-cigarettes are reasonably priced. They are known to carry the XHale O2 brand which makes use of cartridges, rather than the more recent and also better cartomizer technology. The kit comes when it comes to a battery, USB charger, atomizer, bring instance and also four non reusable cartridges. Refill cartridges are offered in packs of 10 and they are valued considerably more than those offered by on-line establishments.

5) Meijer: Meijer shops are popular in the Midwest and also the Blu brand of digital cigarettes has actually been sold there considering that 2011. Vapers from the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana as well as Illinois can decide on the type of set they favor from the Meijer establishments. Although some stores market only disposable smokeless cigarette products, there are lots of that likewise offer full starter kits as well as fill up cartomizers.

6) H-E-B: Blu has actually been strongly marketing their items throughout a large number of stores in the United States. They stated in their press release that they will certainly be offering their brand in H-E-B in Mexico and Texas. Vapers residing in those states get a choice of around 329 locations to choose from to obtain their favored e-cigarette items.

E-cigarette companies have therefore made their existence felt in conventional establishments, which will expand their consumer base as well as offer even more individuals accessibility to these items. By making e-cigarettes effortlessly accessible, this market will getting a far better control of the marketplace over standard cigarette business in the lengthy run.

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